Archard Chantico 36


VIEWING AREA: 30.56″ W X 19″ H – 36.42″ DIAGONAL
Model: 36-DVIE40LN

The 36-DVIE40LN is the newest and largest gas fireplace insert in the Archgard product family. The uncompromising 36-DVIE40LN adds life to your home by bringing breathtaking design and high efficiency to your older wood-burning masonry fireplace. With a panoramic Wall to Wall flame, high definition log set, and multiple configuration options, the 36-DVIE40LN will instantly become the highlight of your home.


  • Steady State: 79.10%
  • Energuide P4 – Fireplace Efficiency: 76.95%


  • Valve Type: Electronic Ignition
  • Natural Gas:22,000 – 40,000 BTU/hr, 6.45 – 11.72 Kw/hr
  • Propane: 20,000 BTU/hr, 5.86 – 11.72 Kw/hr

Hearthstone House of Fire

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