Archard Chantico 27


VIEWING AREA: 13 – 1/2″ H X 22″ W – 27″ DIAGONAL
Model: 27-DVIE22N

The Archgard 27-DVIE22N gas insert offers an unparalleled panoramic wall-to-wall flame. Our prolific design also offers a fire that begins at the hearth rather than being located above a valve control area. The Archgard Full Frame Flame fills the firebox to create the ultimate centerpiece for your space.


  • Steady State: 73.19%
  • Energuide P4 – Fireplace Efficiency: 70.73%


  • Valve Type: Electronic Ignition
  • Natural Gas: 15,500 – 22,400 BTU/hr, 4.54 – 6.56 kW/hr
  • Propane: 16,500 – 21,000 BTU/hr, 4.84 – 6.16 kW/hr

Hearthstone House of Fire

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