Valcourt FP11 Frontenac


Dare to design… the fireplace of your dreams, while being environmentally friendly! Frontenac is not only the name of a grand hotel located in the heart of Quebec City, Canada. It is also the largest fireplace of the Valcourt brand.

Majestic and imposing, this bravery symbol of the Count of Frontenac, who has fiercely defended the French colony, is quite appropriate to represent the enormous challenge overtaken when designing and manufacturing this fireplace.

Exceptionally large, the FP11 Frontenac uses advanced technology to reduce air pollution and is already qualifies for Phase II of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program for manufacturers of decorative wood burning fireplaces. With particulate emissions below 5.1 g/kg (which is approximately 70 percent cleaner than unqualified models), this model will surely give you elegance without compromising the quality of air.

Just like the FP7-LM Antoinette, the FP11 Frontenac has a guillotine door that disappears in the hearth, allowing you to easily load wood on the fire and have an unrivalled view of the flames.

The fire screen is also equipped with a guillotine mechanism. You will thus enjoy an open fire in safety when the ceramic glass door is open. Finally, the bare front allows significant flexibility and creativity in the design of your interior décor.

Standard Features

Fuel typeDry cordwood
Recommended heating area (sq.ft.)<1,000
Firebox volume (cu. ft.)9.4
Burn rate>5 kg/h (>11 lb/h)
High-efficiency EPA certified applianceLow Mass
Maximum log length30″
Log positioningOver width
Chimney diameter8″
Approved for an alcove installationN.A.
Approved for a mobile home installationNo
Shipping Weight920 lb (417 kg)
Door typeGuillotine, glass with steel frame
Glass typeCeramic glass
Glass surface – dimensions (Width X Height)40 3/4″ x 23 7/8″
Glass air-wash systemN.A.
Overall dimension (Height)74 3/4″
Overall dimension (Width)59 1/2″
Overall dimension (Depth)34 1/2″
Door opening – dimension (Height)27 1/8″
Door opening – dimension (Width)44 1/2″
Firebox – dimension (Height)35″
Firebox – dimension (Width)31 1/4″
Firebox – dimension (Depth)10 3/4″
Moulded refractory bricksYes
Cast iron andironsYes
USA standard (emissions)ASTM 2515 / ASTM 2558
USA standard (safety)UL 127
Canadian standard (safety)ULC-S610
Tested and listed as per applicable standardsBy an accredited laboratory (CAN/USA)
WarrantyLimited lifetime



Heating area :<1,000 Ft2
Door: Guillotine


Hearthstone House of Fire

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