Morsø 5660 Insert


An original wood-burning stove & the joys of a crackling fire Morso is adding yet another great product to its extensive range of wood burning stoves, the Morso 5660 insert.

Continuing the Morsø heritage, the 5660 is manufactured in high grade cast iron; a strong, durable material particularly well-suited for freestanding stoves and especially wood burning inserts.

Creating comfort and cosiness in any home The Morso 5660 insert is probably the cleanest and most modern appliance in its class. The natural, vivid texture of the cast iron surface makes for a rustic yet elegant appearance.

Relative to its size, the 5660 insert has a large ‘air-washed’ window, that provides beautiful unbroken view of the dancing flames within. The simple design of the 5660 insert will create comfort and cosiness in any home.

A Decorative Dpor Glass can be bought separatly for the insert.

Standard Features


  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Pre-heated secondary air supply
  • Airwash system
  • Tertiary Air
  • Removable handle


  • Wood


  • EN/N
  • EPA



  • Energy Performance LabellingEnergimærkning
  • Rated Output (kw): 6,5
  • Operating Output (kw): 4-8
  • Heats (m2): 60 – 120
  • Height (mm): 586
  • Width (mm): 710
  • Dept (mm): 436
  • Flue outlet top: Ø 150
  • Flue outlet rear: Ø 150
  • Weight (kg): 125
  • Chamber Width (cm): 58


  • Rear (mm): 100
  • Sides (mm): 400

Hearthstone House of Fire

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