Blaze King Princess


The Princess Insert is a high efficiency wood fireplace insert, (86% LHV efficiency, 80% HHV), and will burn up to 1/3 less wood to heat your home thus lowering your heating costs. The built in thermostat allows you to regulate the heat output at a constant rate even during a power outage.

Standard Features

Performance (LHV)Performance (HHV B415)
Maximum heat input413,567 BTU’s413,567 BTU’s
Constant Heat output on High39,519 BTU’s/h for 9 hours36,762 BTU’s/h for 9 hours
Constant Heat output on Low13,173 BTU’s/h for up to 27 hours12,254 BTU’s/h for up to 27 hours
CO% Weighted Average0.22%



Square Feet Heated1500 – 2500
Maximum Log Size20” (recommended 16”)
Burn TimeUp to 27 hours on low
Emissions (grams/hour)2.0 g
Firebox Size2.54 cu. ft.

Hearthstone House of Fire

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